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Dykning ved Mafia Island

Mafia og de omkring småøer har meget at byde på. Uspoleret og ikke mange turister i forhold til mange af de andre steder i Tanzania. Omkring øen er perfekte muligheder utroligt flot dykning og snorkling.

Dykkersteder ved Mafia

1. The Pass
Ligger ved: Chole Bay
The Pass is the entrance to Chole Bay which at high and low tide is a gentle photographic dive, watching the traffic glide in and out of the lagoon.
On a turning tide this can transform into a fast and exciting drift.

2. The Pinnacle 
Ligger ved: Chole Bay
The upstand of coral in Chole Bay know as The Pinnacle is a spectacular observation-post for watching schools of barracudas and jack-fishes hunting in the lagoon. A real sit-back-and-enjoy-the-show kind of dive. This particular spot is also frequented by Charlie, a well-known friendly grooper.

3. Chole Wall
Ligger ved: Chole Bay
The Wall in Chole Bay is an especially good location for spotting both stingrays and black groopers, as well as being an excellent gentle drift through superb coral and shoals of colourful fish. This is also an excellent location for a night dive.

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